Max Kraus Photos – Reception Fri. May 17

Max Kraus Photography
Opening Reception Fri. May 17
5:00pm – 7:00pm
Jackson Gallery
Town Hall Theater, Middlebury

Max has taken hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos of dozens of Middlebury Community Players shows over the last decade! We wanted to be sure you knew about this event — and if you can’t make it on Friday evening for the opening reception, the exhibit will be up through June 16, in the Jackson Gallery at Town Hall Theater, Monday-Saturday, noon to 5pm.

Max Kraus is a retired engineer and businessman who moved to Middlebury 15 years ago. Once a self-described “family and trips snapshot” photographer with indifferent results, he became acquainted with digital photography where he could see the results in real time and later enhance the results. Since then Max has photographed hundreds of images.

Inspired by life and his explorations in and around Middlebury, he expresses a great appreciation for the seasonal changes in the landscape and farms of Vermont through his imagery.

You may have seen Max at various Town Hall Theater productions snapping shots or slinging drinks. In addition to taking pictures of classical Vermont scenes, Max has chronicled many Town Hall Theater events through his images of production casts and crews and his candid shots of performances in action. He will include a few pictures from these events in the exhibition.

Friday, May 17
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