Auditions for new play at Town Hall Theater

Town Hall Theater is excited to announce the premiere production of two fascinating one-act plays by local playwrights.

This is Not a Good Time is a first play by Jessie Raymond, who writes the weekly humor column for the Addison Independent. She worked with Doug Anderson for the better part of a year honing this exquisitely funny comedy about a woman with children who is granted one precious night alone in her own house. Dad and the kids are in New York seeing a Broadway musical and she realizes it’s the first time in years that she’s been alone. Blissfully alone. Fate conspires to disrupt her perfect evening. Excellent roles for 4 women and 2 men.

LOLA – early 40s, two kids, has basically devoted her entire life to her family
GAIA – 40s; her outrageous, over-sexed, messed-up friend
MARIA – works in the office with Lola. Sweet and innocent and really, really annoying
BRAD – amateur thespian-dancer, currently in a production of Cats in Warren
ANGELINA – his amateur thespian-dancer wife
COP – hunky; we’re in Vermont but oddly he has an English accent

AUDITIONS: Tuesday, October 20, 7-9 pm
Town Hall Theater Jackson Gallery
Contact Doug if you’re interested, and he will email back to you pages from the script:

PERFORMANCE DATES: November 20-21, 2015
This is not a long commitment! Just a couple of weeks of rehearsal, which we’ll work around your schedule. So get in touch, and Doug will send you a sampling of some of Jessie’s wonderful work.

Also playing on the same dates: The Varieties of Romantic Experience: An Introduction is a new one-act stage version of a short story by Rob Cohen. It’s a very funny and very challenging one-man play about a professor giving a lecture who gradually reveals more of his love life than anyone expected. The role will be played by Christopher Ross, who is already in rehearsal.

So this will be a killer double bill, and we hope you’ll want to be part of it.

A Town Hall Theater Production
Directed by Douglas Anderson