Kudos for FOUR BEERS

The Olympics go for another week… but you only have two more chances to see the Players’ winter show FOUR BEERS!

Click on SHOWS to see write-ups in the Addison Independent and the Burlington Free Press, and to get details about show times and tickets.

Here’s what a couple of folks who have seen the show this weekend have to say:

“I went last night and was struck by the great casting and the considerable demands placed on them to tell a compelling story in a spartan setting. There is a lot of humor, but the story is more than just funny. There are times when the cast is silent, the kind of moments when the audience could begin to wonder if someone has gone up on lines, but a quick scan of faces shows everyone still in the scene, in the moment, the story still being told.”

“I laughed so hard throughout (well almost…there is some tough drama) – Actors did SO well – they WERE their characters. I was impressed – do not miss this!”

“Tell your friends – get some good healthy laughs in on this snowy weekend!”