“Working” Characters

There are 26 characters, ranging from one role for a 9- to 13-year-old boy, to other roles for a variety of adult ages (some appropriate for older teens). There are also some non-singing and non-speaking roles. Most actors will play multiple roles.

Songs are in quotes after character names:

Mike Dillard – Ironworker
Amanda Mckenny – Project Manager
Freddy Rodriguez- Fast Food Worker — “Delivery”
Rex Winship – Hedge Fund Manager
Rose Hoffman – Elderly Teacher — “Nobody Tells Me How”
Babe Secoli – Grocery Store Checker — “I’m Just Moving”
Roberto Nunez – Grocery Store Bagger/Migrant Worker — “Un Mejor Dia Vendra”
Conrad Swibel – UPS Driver
Kate Rushton – Housewife — “Just a Housewife”
John Rushton – Newsboy — “Neat to be a Newsboy”
Grace Clements- Factory Worker — “Millwork”
Allen Epstein – Community Organizer
Frank Decker – Truck Driver — “Brother Trucker”
Raj Chadha – Operator
Sharon Atkins – Receptionist
Anthony Coelho – Stone Mason — “The Mason”
Eddie Jaffe – Publicist
Delores Dante – Waitress — “It’s An Art”
Joe Zutty – Retiree — “Joe”
Tom Patrick – Fireman
Utkarsh Trajillo – Eldercare Worker — “A Very Good Day”
Theresa Liu – Nanny — “A Very Good Day”
Maggie Holmes – Cleaning Woman — “Cleanin’ Women”
Ralph Werner – Salesman
Charlie Blossom – Ex-Newsroom Assistant
Ensemble Songs:
“All the Livelong Day”
“If I Could’ve Been”
“Something To Point To”