“THE OFFER” premieres July 26

The Offer poster - e-mail postcard The Offer is a short film shot entirely on location here in Middlebury.  Join our cast of local actors and director, Leslie Reagan-Caer, for the premiere of this magical comedy about a lost man, his umbrella and the wildly unexpected company who show up to set him on his way.  The film features such well-loved characters as Puck from Midsummer Night’s Dream, Don Quixote de la Mancha and the Mad Hatter among others.  

We’d like to extend our Special Thanks to Middlebury Community Players and Robin Huestis at Round Robin for assistance with costuming and props for the film.  Both MCP & Round Robin are featured in the film’s credits, and will appear in a printed program for the screening.  

The Offer will premiere on JULY 26 at the Marquis theater with an end-of-summer screening on AUGUST 31.  Please contact Leslie Reagan-Caer for tickets at Les@laughingdog.net.  Join us and see familiar faces and familiar places on the big screen!