THREEPENNY auditions this week

Reminder that a second round of auditions for the Players’ April show, THE THREEPENNY OPERA, are Tuesday, January 29th at 7pm at the Middlebury Town Hall Theater or contact Bettina Matthias (see below) for an individual audition appointment.

Perusal script available at the Town Hall Theater Box Office,
call 802-382-9222.

There are still 14 roles to be cast, including Macheath himself! Click below for details. Please forward this email to ANYONE who might be interested… and email or call us if you have any questions.

Classic Musical by Kurt Weill & Bertolt Brecht

Director/Producer: Bettina Matthias or 802-373-2556 or 802-443-3248

Assistant Producer: Algy Layden or 802-989-1901

Musical Director: Hannah Rommer

Showdates: April 25-28, 2013


Click here to download more information about the show, a complete list of characters and audition details.